Substance Abuse Counseling

Steve Wham has years of experience in the field of counseling and substance abuse counseling.  He offers a comfortable, confidential environment to discuss your issues with substance abuse.  He is able to assist you with other issues you may be experiencing as well.

What Is Substance Abuse & Substance Abuse Counseling?

Substance abuse refers to the harmful or unsafe use of alcohol, drugs, and/or other mind-altering substances.  This use typically results in recurring negative consequences. Consequences can range from damaged relationships and poor job/academic performance to serious bodily injury as a result of drug withdrawal or legal issues.

There is no single direct cause of substance abuse. Many researchers and mental health professionals agree that substance abuse likely stems from a combination of hereditary, environmental, psychological, and social factors. For instance, the risk of substance abuse is generally higher in people who have family members with substance abuse or addiction issues, but not everyone may be affected by genetics.

Impact of Life Circumstances

Many people are triggered by circumstances or stressors stemming from work, school, relationships, culture, or their surroundings. Sometimes, other mental health conditions like depression or anxiety can contribute to substance abuse. As a result, when an individual attempts to cope with difficult feelings and experiences through using drugs and/or alcohol, this can lead to abuse and addiction.

Most importantly, recovery from addiction & substance abuse is real and available to everyone.  Even you.

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About Steve

Steve’s goal is to provide a safe and comfortable setting to maximize the benefit of your time.  Part of his personalized service is that when you call the office, you are calling his personal phone.  Not an answering service.  Not a receptionist.

Steve is experienced, and his approach is to be direct.  He will challenge you  in areas where you struggle to assist you in moving forward.

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